Eaton(伊顿) 液压集团 招聘 销售工程师-武汉

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 行业  销售类/市场/采购/商务  职位  销售代表/销售工程师/业务员/外贸业务员
 招聘部门    招聘人数  1人
 工作地区  湖北武汉市  工作性质  全职
 性别要求  不限  婚姻要求  不限
 学历要求  本科  工作经验  5年以上
 年龄要求  不限年龄  待遇水平  面议
 更新日期  2014-10-08  有效期至  长期有效
Maintain existing and develop potential customers in complex markets, establish and consolidate an effective service and distribution system to meet customers’ needs, and coach and direct less experienced sales engineers.

a. Contact new and existing customers through emails, phone calls, and on site visits, to build and maintain relationship, identify customer needs, collect competitor information, promote new products, and forecast market trends
b. Identify potential customers by using business directories, searching on magazines/newspaper/internet, following leads from existing clients, and attending trade shows and conferences
c. Answer customers' inquiries about products, prices, availability, and credit terms
d. Collaborate with engineers in providing application solutions to customers
e. Negotiate prices and terms of sales and service agreements
f. Prepare sales contracts, and submit contracts to CSS for evaluations
g. Track order productions and product transportations to customers
h. Collect customer feedback on Eaton products and services
i. Coordinate Customer Service, Repairing, and Quality Department to resolve customer requests and complaints
j. Other work as business needs

a. Bachelor’s Degree in Fluid Control and automation, Hydraulics, Mechatronics, Mechanics, and other related areas
b. 5+ years of Sales & Marketing working experience
c. Strong marketing analysis skills
d. Knowledge of showing, promoting, and selling products, including product demonstration and sales techniques
e. Knowledge of Eaton products and applications
f. Strong market sensitivity in identifying customer needs and market trends
g. Smooth communications with a variety of internal departments and external customers
h. Strong diagnostics and trouble shooting capability
i. Excellent project management skills in leveraging resources
j. Strong problem solving skills in developing and evaluating options and implementing solutions
k. Good English reading and comprehension

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